Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Italy 2013 #2 | Florence


as long the previous post about Pisa was quick short with photos, this isn't. I think that Florence is the place, where I took most pictures. Stop, it was Venice. So Florence is the second.

So just my quick opinion on the city. Florence is beautiful, but it's just so crowdy. We didn't get to go to Uffizi, which is kind of Italian Louvre. But this year my dad booked the tickets online, so I'm so exicited to see all the painting!

Speak to you in two days,

Ponte Santa Trinita, place where every person wants a photo 

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
The panorama of Florence, the most beautiful place in Florence 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Italy 2013 #1 | Pisa


so as you know I'm in Italy now, so why don't I make a series of posts about Italy. That seems clever!
So you today starts the Italy series, that you  might have read about in my last posts. The reason why I'm doing this is, because I didn't get the chance to share these photos last year, as I simply didn't have this blog back then.

Ok, so maybe let's start from the beginning, shall we?
Last year with my family I want to Italy around the same time like this year. And I enjoyed it soo much. We did the fun stuff like relaxing and also we sightsee so many places, which was so cool, because we haven't done it on any previous holidays together.

So the first place we visited was Pisa. And I just wanted to add, that Pisa is so freaking cool. The one thing I sad I didn't do is getting at the top of Leaning Tower, but the queue was long, you wouldn't want to stand in it either.

Enjoy the photos and rest of the series!

Speak to you in two days,
Piazza Del Duomo
The famous Leaning Tower, and here you can see it's actually leaning
I really like this shot

Quick #selfie with da tower